"Let me start out by saying that your candles are the BEST anywhere. I have tried many, many other types, from Yankee Candles right on down to the Wal-Mart brand. There are NONE that can compare. They burn right down to the very last bit and always smell luscious. But one thing to be sure to remember is KEEP THE WICKS TRIMMED! If you don't, trust me, you'll have a horrid mess and you will not be happy.

"My favorite scent is Rain. All you ever have to do is send your empty containers back to them and they will refill with whatever scent you want at a fraction of the cost of a new candle.
—Brenda, Crivitz Wisconsin

"I think your candles are the greatest! I couldn’t believe all the scents they have! I found exactly what I’ve been looking for. And, unlike the candle companies you find in the malls, you won’t discontinue making any of their scents…I can order my favorites at any time of year and know they’ll deliver. I’m glad I found you."
—Linda, Eagan Minnesota

"I took one of the votives out to the screen house, lit it, and then went across the yard to clean out the birdbath. I couldn't believe it when a heavenly waft of vanilla scent came drifting by. I had the fan going in the screen house, but when I went back inside it too was filled with scent. If your candles can throw enough scent to fill an open outdoor space like that, I can’t wait to use them in the house."
—Sheila, Columbus Ohio

"The aroma that greeted me at the door when I got home made me pause, close my eyes, and smile. My husband had lit a single votive in the dinning room and that sweet scent lilted through the whole main floor. Thanks for making me smile."
—Erin, Dallas Texas

Air AffairsTM
Air Affairs are so WONDERFUL!!! I am a candle lover of yours but I do daycare and cannot burn candles during the day of course. With the Air Affairs I can still get the wonderful scent without the flame. The kids love them too!! I even have them in my truck and it smells so Sweet Berry Wine! Thanks for keeping us smelling good at Kay's Kiddie Care!
—Kay and her kids from Savage Minnesota

I hung my Lily of the Valley Air Affair on the back of the bathroom door. The next day, my husband Dave asked me why our bathroom smelled like flowers!
—Lisa, Minneapolis Minnesota

My gym locker always smells bad and the smell never comes out, no matter what I try, until now! Air Affair™ made my locker smell good again (along with the lockers around it). The other girls loved them as well, the smell never faded away!! The magnet on the back was handy too.
—Alexandra, High School student in Prior Lake, MN

My soccer bag smelled disgusting from everyday use. When I heard how well the Air Affairs™ worked, I bought one for my bag. It worked phenomenally! I bought the Fresh Linen scent so it would smell like clean laundry.
—Andrea, High School student in Prior Lake, MN

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