Scents and Colors

Each scent comes in a single color. Use the list below to choose the scent/color combination you prefer.

Using a variety of Simply Grand votives can create a smashing fall cornucopia. 

Scent Color Scent Description
Red The inviting aroma of apples and cinnamon blended together make a house feel like a home!
Apple Cobbler Red Just like it came right out of the oven. The rich smell of apples and cinnamon will make you hungry!
Apple Orchard Red Close your eyes and you'll think you were standing in a grove of apple trees!
Apricot Orange Fresh and sweet, like you picked it off the tree.
Apricot & Cream Light Orange Fresh apricots and sweet vanilla, bring a smile to your face.
Banana Yellow Ah, the perfect sweet yellow banana!  Keep out of reach of pet monkeys!
Banana Nut
Light Brown Warm & nutty, just like Grandma's!  One of America's favorite home baked treats!
Bayberry Sage Blue Bayberry is a classic fresh wintry fragrance, popular for the holiday season.  Tradition says: A Bayberry candle burned down to it's socket, brings luck to the home and wealth to the pocket.
Beautiful Yellow Like the perfume, Love the candle!
Berry Special Orange, Red, Dark Red (3 layer)
Black Cherry Dark Red A hearty scent, more than just your average cherry.... dark & full bodied.
Black Tea Black
Blueberry Blue A rich blueberry scent, you'll have to remind yourself that they aren't for eating.
Blueberry Spice Blue Green
Butter Creme Ivory Don't get too close to this rich, buttery vanilla scent!v You might gain a few pounds just by smelling it!
Butterscotch Yellow Just like it came out of the yellow wrapper!
Calla Lilly White Fresh and clean...the captivating perfume of fragrant lilies is a breath of springtime air!
Candy Cane Red, White (2 layer) A classic peppermint with a sweet twist! You'll want to hang this one on the tree!
Candy Corn Orange, White (2 layer) A favorite Halloween treat and now you can enjoy this scent year round!
Cappuccino Brule Brown A sweet, frothy Italian coffee treat!
Caramel Apple Light Green A traditional carnival favorite! Fruit and candy together create everyone's favorite treat!
Carnation Pink Very true to the real flower! A traditional clean floral that will make you picture a bouquet of pink and white flowers with a hint of greenery!
Carrot Cake Light Brown, White (2 layer) This is THE infamous Carrot Cake you've been looking for!  The ultimate... lightly spiced, moist carrot cake complete with cream cheese frosting!
Cherry Red Very very red cherry! This will make you thirsty for Kool-Aid!
Cherry Mash Pink,  Brown (2 layer)
Chinese Proverb Light Blue
Chocolate Brown
Chocolate & Berries Parfait Red, White, Brown (3 layer)
Chocolate Chip Brown This one's sure to make you run for the cookie jar. Rich chocolate chips baked into home made cookie dough. Got milk?
Cinnamon Red
Cinnamon Bayberry Green A powerful blend of two holiday classics, Cinnamon & Bayberry!
Cinnamon Orange Orange
Cinnamon Red Hot Red A "hot" Valentine scent!  Just like the candies!
Cinnamon Styx Red A very strong cinnamon with pronounced woody notes. Just like a natural cinnamon stick!
Citronella Dark Green Citronella is a lemony scent commonly used to repel insects. A great outdoors scent for summer!
Citrus Yellow A clean fresh summer scent!
Coconut White All you need is de lime! A crisp tropical treasure fallen from the palm tree! Makes you think of laying on a beach while getting the perfect island tan!
Coffee Lover's Blend Brown, Beige, Brown (3 layer)
Colombian Roast Brown
Country Berry Blue Green, Green (2 layer) This is what everyone dreams of smelling when they wake up in the mornin!  Buttery country hotcakes right off the griddle, layered with mixed berries!
Country Charm Ivory
Country Rain Green
Cranberry Red This is cranberry with an exclamation point!  Very strong and crisp, with just the right touch of tart!
Cucumber Melon Dark Green, Lightt Green (2 layer)A perfect blend of our Wild Watermelon, Cucumber and Honeydew creates this incredibly fresh & fun fragrance!
Drakkar Light Blue Smells just like the handsome man in your life!
Dreamsicle Orange A mix of orange and vanilla cream, just like an orange creamsicle from the ice-cream man!
Energy White
Escape Orange Save on the perfume, just light the candle!
Fire Side Chat Dark Red
Fireplace Brown All snuggled up by a crackling fire!  A warm, woodsy fragrance with hints of pine.
Forest Pine Green Smells like Northern Minnesota on a crisp summer morning.
Fresh Baked Bread Light Brown A crispy crust & warm steamy soft in the don't even need butter to enjoy this one!
Fresh Melon Yellow
Frost Bite White A cool refreshing blast of Wintergreen that will chill you to your toes!
Gardenia Pink The sweet, pure fragrance of this island flower will intoxicate your senses!
Georgia Peach Peach True southern peach!
Georgio Light Green Another fine fragrance, fashioned after your favorite perfume!
German Chocolate Cake Light Brown Dark chocolate cake layered with rich chocolate frosting and freshly grated coconut!
Gingerbread Light Brown A perfect holiday treat! A richly spiced gingerbread with just the right hint of sweetness.
Graham Cracker Brown
Grandma's Kitchen Dark Red, Green, Dark Red (3 layer)A Best Seller!  A delicious, ""homey" scent with  touches of clove, cinnamon & vanilla that will remind you of Grandma's Kitchen!
Grape Dark Purple The name speaks for itself!
Hazelnut Brown This sweet, rich Italian nut is wonderful on it's own or blended with coffee, vanilla, cinnamon and more!
Heather Blue
Hot Apple Pie Red A Best Seller! Our Hot Apple Pie is very popular among candlemakers everywhere!  Just the right blend of warm apples, spices and that home baked pie crust smell.  An American classic!
Hugs & Kisses Purple A Simply Grand Exclusive! A light and fresh floral scent that you just can't get enough of!
Hyacinth Purple, White (2 layer)
Jack Frost Red, White Red, (3 layer)
Jasmine Light Blue This white, night-blooming flower produces a romantic fragrance with hint of sweet, along with a strong clean base.
Lavender Purple Very true herbal Lavender, incredibly strong! Lavender is said to keep migrane headaches away!
Leather Brown You know this one...It's a new car, a Harley jacket, a riding saddle...A masculine scent!
Lemon Yellow This always reminds me of spring since it's such a refreshing, bright, upbeat scent.  Brings a little sunshine inside!
Love Spell Light Purple Like the perfume, love the candle!
Mango & Papaya White A clean tropical scent
Meditation Beige
Memory Orange
Mountain Lake Green You know that clean laundry smell just after you take clothes out of the dryer? This is it!
Mulberry Burgundy One of our top sellers!  Incredibly strong scent with great throw, very pronounced, mouth watering mulberry!
Northern Reflections Blue, White (2 layer)
Oasis Light Blue
Oatmeal Cookie Light Brown Smells just like Grandma was baking in the kitchen
Old Fashioned Vanilla Ivory A traditional favorite
Orange Vanilla Orange
Orchid Light Blue
Oriental Garden Dark Green
Patchouli Dark Red This strong fragrance was popular in the 70's and is still a classic today.  A deep earthy, musky scent.
Peaceful Feelin' Blue
Peach Peach A fun fruity favorite!
Pina Colada White, Yellow (2 layer) Right out of the tropics, you'll feel like you're on vacation!
Plumeria Pink A Best Seller! A Hawaiian flower commonly used in leis. Very strong but smooth perfumey floral scent. Excellent in Bath & Body products!
PMS Smoother Light Green
Pumpkin Pie Orange A rich pumpkin pie with just a touch of spice. Get out the whip cream!
'R Best Vanilla Ivory A clean scent that everyone loves.
Rain Blue A fresh, light rain scent with a floral undertone.
Raspberry Pink Like a sweet raspberry candy!
Relaxation Blue
Romance Red
Rose Rose Just like the flower!
Rosemary Light Green
Sage & Citrus Sage Green  
Sandalwood Light Green A rich, sweet, earthy scent
Saturday in the Park Mauve
Sensuality Slate Blue
Sex on the Beach Orange Just like the drink!  An upbeat blend of Peach, Orange and a splash of Cranberry.  Incredibly popular scent, great seller!
Simply Grand Burgundy Our signature scent and our most popular one too! This is a wonderful blend of spicy and floral fragrances that you're sure to enjoy!
Snickerdoodle Beige A delicious combination of milk chocolate, nuts and caramel!
Spice Cake Light Brown There's Grandma in the kitchen again! Yummy!
Spiced Apple Red Apple with a kick!
St. John's Wart Green
Sticky Buns Light Brown
Strawberry Shortcake Red A smooth, rich strawberry blend that will make you want to get the whipped topping from the fridge!
Strawberry Strudel Red
Sugar Cookie Light Brown The sweetest member of the vanilla family, and a best seller all year round!  This rich, full bodied fragrance is sure to make you want to bake!
Sunflower Yellow A light summery scent!
Sweet Berry Wine Maroon A very popular scent, not too fruity and not too spicy. Just right!
Toasted Marshmallow Light Brown Get out the graham crackers and Hershey bars! This smooth creamy scent will make your fingers sticky just thinking about it!
Twigs & Berries Red Woodsy tones mingled with tasty berries for a real rustic aroma! This fragrance has the feel of a a cozy cabin in the woods!
Victorian Rose Mauve This is a nice mellow rose scent, not too perfumey or overpowering.
Watermelon Green, Pink (2 layer)
White Mulberry White This is one of our top sellers!  Incredibly strong scent with great throw, very pronounced mouth watering mulberry!
Wine and Roses Mauve  
Woodland Trails Brown, Green (2 layer) A deep woodsy cypress fragrance.  Very strong, outdoorsy and masculine!
Woodlands Light Brown
Yuletide Red The perfect holiday scent of pine and festive fruits!
Zodiac: Aquarius Blue
Zodiac: Aries Red
Zodiac: Cancer Silver Gray
Zodiac: Capricorn Black
Zodiac: Gemini Yellow
Zodiac: Leo Orange
Zodiac: Libra Red
Zodiac: Pisces Purple
Zodiac: Sagittarius Purple
Zodiac: Scorpio Red
Zodiac: Taurus Green
Zodiac: Virgo White

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