Host an Online PartyTM
Would you like to host a party to earn free candles, but don't have the time? An online candle party is the answer! You donít have to worry about having refreshments or cleaning the house! We take care of it for you! We will send the invitations and the party information. You donít even have to worry about delivering everyoneís orders because we will ship each order separately. The only thing you have to do is tell us whom to invite and then in two weeks, decide how you want to spend your candle credits!


  • A minimum of 15% of your total party sales is good towards purchase of any product at Air Affairs Gifts. For sales over $300, your candle credit goes up to 20%. Example: total party sales is $250, your total credits are $37.50.
  • If anyone from your online party books their own online party, you will receive a "half-priced" candle item. You will be given a one-time 50% credit once the newly booked party takes place.

Contact us today to get your party started!

Online parties run for two weeks.

The party invitation will be emailed to your guest list and it will include a code to enter into the comment section of each order. This ensures you are given credit for every purchase.

You will receive email updates so you can keep track of your total party sales.

Shipping costs are not included in the total party sales.

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