Air CrittersTM
Our wax dipped critters are air fresheners that offer the same benefits of a candle without the flame. Place them in any room and enjoy their wonderful fragrance.

Each critter is packaged in a clear plastic bag and tied with a bow. The aroma will last for several months. To refresh the scent, heat the critter with a hair dryer for about a minute. The heat from the dryer will reactivate the fragrance so you can continue to enjoy the scent. Dusting the critter is just as easy, use the hair dryer on a cool setting.

The Teddy Bears are 7.5 inches tall, the Snowman is approximately 8.5 inches,
and the Baby Critters are 5.5" tall.

And most of these great new critters are less than $18!

Here are some pictures of the Teddy Bears all packaged up for delivery.

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